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By checking this box, you understand how this list works and are aware that all vetting (unless specifically noted by Abby) is up to the family and is not the responisbility of the Charlotte Babysitters Club.

List Guidelines

How does it work?

I keep a list of (referred) Sitters and a list of Families.  Families email me with their needs and twice a week, I email my Sitter list with those requests.  If a Sitter is interested in a job, I send the Family the basic information I have on the sitter and introduce them via email.  From there, the Family is responsible for doing their own vetting.  I solely provide the connection to the sitter.  All sitters can provide references upon request.

Is there a fee to be on the list or get connected with Sitters?

Nope. All is free!

Does every appointment run through me?

Yes, everything runs through my personal email address, 

What information is needed for a request?

When I send out jobs to the sitter list, here are the info items that I try to have:

  • Kids - age/gender
  • Date(s) of job
  • Time of job
  • Location - this can be general, i.e. “South Charlotte” or “Northlake Mall area” - 
  • Pay - if you need assistance deciding on a rate for a particular job, I am happy to help.  Sitters usually come with their own rate but from my own experience, it is always easier when the rate is agreed upon prior to the job.

Any of the above that you can provide when sending me a request is greatly appreciated!

What happens when a Sitter is interested in a job?

When a babysitter(s) is interested in your job, I will first email you and let you know who has emailed me and some basic information on them.  From there, I will connect you and the sitter (one at a time if there are multiples) via email.  After that, feel free to directly connect with the sitters outside of me.