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Why do I ask for the year and not the age? By having the year, I can keep up with kids' ages without having to update your information every year. Example: boy, 2010
I agree to and accept the guidelines explained below *

How does it work? I keep a list of (referred) Sitters and a list of Families.  Families email Abby with their needs and then those requests are pushed out to the Sitter list.  

What happens when a Sitter is interested in a job? When a babysitter(s) is interested in your job, Abby will first email you and let you know names and basic information on those interested.  From there, Abby will connect you and the sitter (one at a time if there are multiples) via email.  After that, feel free to directly connect with the sitters outside of Abby. 

Does the Club vet the sitters? Families are responsible for doing their own vetting.  The Club solely provides the connection to the sitter.  All sitters can provide references upon request. 

Is there a fee to be on the list or get connected with Sitters? 100% free for families and sitters!

Does every appointment run through Abby? Yes, everything runs through Abby's personal email address, 

What information is needed for a request? All requests must be complete before sending.  Complete requests include the following:

Kids - age/gender
Date(s) and start/end time of job
Location - this can be general, i.e. “South Charlotte” or “Northlake Mall area”
Pay per hour